Sampson Performace Restoration

Sampson Performance Restoration is a growing hot rod and classic custom car builder in the Texas hill country. We specialize in quality, detail and high-end performance builds. We are a tight knit, family-oriented business striving to provide our customers and car enthusiasts with the best service and vehicles of their wildest dreams.


Sampson Racing Engines

Sampson Racing Engines is a growing full automotive machine shop specializing in OEM and performance engines. We are currently 1 out 6 certified TransAm2 Series engine builders in the country and the only shop in Texas. We strive to provide our customers and need for speed enthusiasts with top notch performance engines with the thrills and chills that come with it.



Allen and Dillon Sampson are twin brothers who grew up around hot rods and racing their entire lives. They have each been able to turn their passion of old cars and racing into successful careers. Both have attended and graduated with honors from some of the best schools in the industry. Even though they may be some of the youngest shop owners out there, their knowledge, skill and talent are on senior level. While each has their own flare, when they come together on a build, it is pure magic. Allen gives them that show quality finish and Dillon makes them haul ass.




Sampson Performance Restoration

6500 Hwy 46 W, Suite 7

New Braunfels, TX 78132




Sampson Racing Engines

6500 Hwy 46 W, Suite 9

New Braunfels, TX 78132




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